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Written by Anchored Web
on 17 June 2016

We're proud to announce the relaunch of the official Website of Mikko Kangas, the black-and-white fine art photographer whose Website has put his amazing photography at its center for a half-decade. With the relaunch this Wednesday, the Website ( is ready to be a platform for his stunning natural images well into the future.

An adventurous and intrepid photographer, Mikko Kangas sells large-format prints of his work, featuring natural beauty of painstakingly timed Western landscapes. The goal was to build a modern, clean-looking Website that highlights the images and presents a minimal look, with the option for visitors to view the images and a form for expressing interest in owning a print.

Every Website has different needs that are based on the client's preferences, industry conventions, and concerns, and in the world of fine art photography, the image is everything. So the challenge for the relaunch was to ensure that it was designed to discourage downloading or copy-pasting the photographs.

Mikko Kangas is long-time friend of ours, as we had designed his original Website in 2009, too.

As with all of our Website projects, Mikko had a chance to review the Website prior to the launch and submit updates and bug requests directly on every page of the Website. After these changes had been made, he gave the green light for the relaunch, and invited his social network to take a look at the new content.

Of course, overhauling a Website means that search engines needed to be caught up, too. Fortunately, every Website built by Anchored Web Solutions is directly added to Google and Bing as soon as the site is launched to the public. This Website was no exception. 

With this project -- in keeping with the same principle that worked the first time we built the site -- simplicity has been the key to success for

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