Now an award-winning company, Anchored Web became established as a trustworthy and recommended Web developer in the Central Valley, and projects began to grow in scope and scale. Many of the projects started in 2012 were through government or non-profit clients, including the Fresno County Sheriff's Office and Children Now.

Adrian Rodriguez was hired in May 2012 to redesign a fully functional Web site for the Fresno County Sheriff's Office, an agency that patrols more than 6,000 square miles of territory. Their new site was launched a year later, and Adrian continues to work as a contractor for the agency. Other projects included the management of supporter data for online campaigning by The Children's Movement, including producing custom Facebook and Google Analytics reports. 

A slate of advocacy projects were completed during 2012 as well. Working with Children Now via the Center for Multicultural Cooperation, Anchored Web was commissioned to develop a solution that combined school suspension data for the entire state of California into an easy-to-understand interactive video page that displayed selected school information in comparison with statewide trends. The tool allows networks of non-profit agencies to canvas neighborhoods more effectively.

Toward the end of 2012, Anchored Web Solutions was hired to develop a new version of GlimpsesIntoHistory.com, an online memorial directory of American War Veterans, a project sponsored by the Clovis Veterans Memorial District. The updated version is slated for full launch in 2013, and will feature veteran profiles that incorporate Webcam recordings woven into storytelling experiences.

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