Anchored Web's work with foundations continued to grow. The Foundation for Public Safety, the Central Valley School of Ministry, and the Fresno Deputy Sheriff's Association signed on as clients.

Being an election year, Anchored Web designed the Websites and produced content for political campaigns, all of which were successful -- the candidates won.

Websites included the campaign to elect Esmeralda Soria, a democratic candidate for city council in Fresno. Her campaign included integration with a third-party email newsletter system, so we designed the site to collect volunteer interest and send them directly to that system.

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims also entrusted Anchored Web with the development of her campaign Website to be re-elected to the position she's held.

And an author who began to ramp up his campaign to increase awareness for his vision of "California's Next Century" also hired Anchored Web to springboard his statewide campaign to redefine California itself. The Website became a connecting point for like-minded activists, and formed the basis of a Sovereign California movement.

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